Mode Mania Statement Silver Floral American Diamond Cocktail Ring


We are ALL-SET to doll you up with our classic to statement jewellery pieces for every season and to add a pinch-of-drama to your wardrobe!

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Cocktail Ring: Women would wear them on the hand they would hold their cocktail as a way to flaunt their disregard for prohibition laws. The ring is worn on the middle-finger or the index finger of right-hand. Since the cocktail ring highlighted their rebellion, it also symbolizes liberation.

Occasion: Bring your style to a whole new level with this handcrafted piece of jewellery. Best way to gift your loved ones on such special occasions -birthday, wedding, anniversary, festivals to add that extra something that makes your loved ones feel special and obviously make them look their absolute best.

Care Label: Do Avoid contact with water and organic chemicals i.e. perfume sprays. Keep the jewellery in an airtight box. After use, wipe the jewellery with soft cloth.

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Bronze, Gold, White


16, 17, 18, 19, 20


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